All of Our Stores Are Under Construction!


Look no further!
Below are the stores and venues we are hard at work on
Grace Off 5th™️
Slated to launch Summer of 2020, our very first Luxury Cosmetics and Clothing Boutique will be opening with yours truly as your model. Grace Off 5th will focus on style and sophistication with rejuvenating, comfy outfits & the highest-quality cosmetics for every walk of life. From sleek & refreshingly creamy pantsuits for the office, cardigan-like blazers over fluid lace camis & edgy jeggings for brunch, to super soft & stretchy vegan leather pants paired with a cozy & structured sweater for hanging with the fam. Why stop there? We’ll also have buttery-soft rompers & breezy-gauzy backless dresses for vacations in Fiji, to silky joggers paired with light & sheer hoodies over delicate & detailed bralettes to make errands a comfy runway show.
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Grace Redefined™️
My second Poshmark store (currently under the name itasian113, with the link above) is just starting to get up and running as I am focusing on liquidating all moisture-based products from our ebay store (link below).
Grace Redefined will focus on the big-name clothing & cosmetics brands that we know & love, but with wallet-friendly prices. Everything in the main section will be new or true like-new, boutique one-offs and/or items I chose not to keep for myself or my daughter from Grace Off 5th. I’m addition, there will be a section for both super-thrifty hauls & non-boutique items from my very own closet. 
(Link Above)
In addition to the changes above, our eBay luxury cosmetics & skincare discount store will continue to be up and running. We carry a lot of the brands you’ll find in any department or beauty store, and over the next year we will be increasing it by the hundreds. 
Curious? Here is our store link to shop the beginnings of what we have up for sale:
“Now what about some wholesale and your magic products?!”, you ask. Well, it’ll be right on this main company website!
We will be focusing on wholesale packs/bundles/lots for those wanting to resell, and introducing our own products as they come hot off the patent and factory line. Watch for our wholesale lots that will be available in just a few short weeks!
Phew! That’s a lot, but we hope you are just as excited as us!
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MDMH FRESH PURITY Collection focuses on face, body and home care that is as pure and effective as possible. Nutritious beauty-boosters that reduce your body concerns instead of creating more. While we all wish we had more time to do everything from scratch, a lot of today's men and women don't have that extra 25th hour to make it possible. Add that to the disappointment in the wholesomeness of health food stores' "organic or "all-natural" lines, and you have exhaustion, wastefulness and that neverending skin issue. My goal is for MDMH FRESH PURITY products to ease those burdens and bring healing and freedom. Happy Shopping!

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