Fresh Meets Fun

Thank you so much for shopping with me! I am very excited to bring you a one-stop shop that marries lines from all my stores to one convenient location. This includes the latest and hard-to-find high-end cosmetics, skincare, home decor and organization PLUS our newest adventure: freshly made, customizable face & body care. It has been my dream to create lines of skincare that are wholesome, responsible and fresh. Nutritious and uplifting beauty-boosters that reduce your body concerns instead of creating more. While we all wish we had more time to do everything from scratch, a lot of today's men and women don't have that extra 25th hour to make it possible. Add that to having to hop from store to store and you have a demand for a 26th or 27th hour! I hope you join me on this journey of discovery and find a little (or a lot!) more of your earthy, glam or in-between self with the handcrafted and department store products that I offer. Happy Shopping!